Leverage our team of lien resolution experts to save you valuable time and money.

ZipLiens takes lien resolution off your plate at no charge to your firm, giving you and your team more time to focus on what you do best.

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We’ll connect our teams to discover the most effective way to implement our resolution process into your current operations. Once we’ve laid the foundation for successful implementation, we’ll get to work on behalf of your injured claimants, so your team can focus on maximizing the value of each individual case.

Let us fight
for your
injured clients.

During the lien resolution process, your dedicated specialist will negotiate on behalf of your client, provide transparent progress updates to your firm, and share success along the way. We’ll fight for your clients as if they were our own, only charging a fee after we secure a reduction.

Spend time on tasks that drive revenue.

We understand that your time is extremely valuable to your firm and your clients. Removing lien resolution responsibilities from your plate will save you time, allowing you to focus on activities that boost revenue for the entire firm.

Supervise your liens using our client portal.

Our proprietary portal utilizes advanced technology to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Never wonder or worry about the progress of your liens with our secure platform that provides a transparent view of each case.

Enter the new era of lien resolution.

Our services were designed to give time back to personal injury firms that is currently spent resolving liens on behalf of clients. By handling a wide variety of healthcare and insurance liens, ZipLiens makes managing your caseload that much easier. Our team of attorneys is here to provide top results and peace of mind knowing your files are being closed out compliantly.


Our experts monitor Medicaid’s reimbursement rights for all 50 states to ensure our negotiations and reduction arguments are tailored to your client’s specific situation.

Medicare Parts A&B

Our team will fight to eliminate unrelated medical treatment, reduce the final conditional payment amount, and provide payment instructions to your team.

Medicare Parts C&D

Unlike traditional Medicare, these private plans have varying contract language that require a trained eye to find the best path for reduction. 


Military liens can be challenging. Our team of experts are equipped to handle these challenges, getting better results for your clients.


Our team are experts in working within the specific rules set for Military liens. This allows us to get better results for your clients. 

Short Term Disability

Our team successfully navigates specific state laws and short-term disability contract language to ensure your client receives the highest settlement possible.

Private Health Plan

Governed by a unique set of rules, these plans are specific to each state. Our attorneys review all types of contract language to get the largest reduction possible. 

Provider Bills & Hospital Liens

With detailed hospital billing data, we’ll establish how reasonable the billed charges are and ensure your clients don’t ever pay the full amount.

Real results for your firm and clients.

Our team is passionate about helping Personal Injury firms put more money in their clients’ pockets by providing quality results. We have the expertise needed to create value for your clients without an added expense to your firm.

  • “The team at ZipLiens are incredible at resolving liens efficiently while keeping my case team up to date every step of the way. Time is valuable to trial attorneys and it is relieving to have the ZipLiens team efficiently and successfully resolve complicated liens. Simply put, ZipLiens helps.”

    Jonathan B. Hollan, Attorney Aguiar Injury Lawyers, PLLC
  • “Nathan, Clayton, and everyone on the ZipLiens team are great at taking things off my “to do” list… which makes my job that much easier. Knowing they’re on top of our lien resolution issues is extremely reassuring for both my team and clients. In addition, the process is streamlined with ZipLiens’ wonderful interactive portal. I highly recommend them.”

    Travis L. Holtrey, Attorney Foreman, Watson & Holtrey
  • “As I explain to my clients, we hire experts to talk to a jury to explain their story. Zipliens is the expert we hire to help throughout and on the backend of the case to get as much money in their pocket as possible, which is what we were hired to do. They help with every aspect of the lien process. Zipliens has saved us countless hours, which has allowed us to focus on our client’s story and yielded positive results for our clients.”

    Justin B. May, Attorney/Managing Partner

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