Stop burning firm resources resolving liens.

With ZipLiens, reclaim valuable time and resources wasted on resolving liens, increasing your law firm’s productivity and profitability.


Your Solution to Personal Injury Lien Resolution

  • Significant time and cost savings

    Your Lien Resolution Specialist negotiates for you, freeing you up to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

  • Complete process transparency

    Monitor your case progress and gain insights at each stage via our customer portal.

  • Ongoing, responsive communications

    Have a question? Contact the attorney or analyst handling a specific file directly from the portal.

  • Quality and timely reductions

    Our team of experts strive for reductions representing the perfect mix of speed and results.

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Type of Liens we resolve

Our services were designed to give time back to personal injury firms that is currently spent resolving liens on behalf of clients. By handling a wide variety of healthcare and insurance liens, ZipLiens makes managing your caseload that much easier.


Our experts monitor Medicaid’s reimbursement rights for all 50 states to ensure our negotiations and reduction arguments are tailored to your client’s specific situation.

Medicare Parts A & B

Our team will fight to eliminate unrelated medical treatment, reduce the final conditional payment amount, and provide payment instructions to your team.

Medicare Parts C & D

Unlike traditional Medicare, these private plans have varying contract language that require a trained eye to find the best path for reduction.

VA & Champva

Military liens can be challenging. Our team of experts are equipped to handle these challenges, getting better results for your clients.


Our team are experts in working within the specific rules set for Military liens. This allows us to get better results for your clients.

Private Health Insurance

ZipLiens will analyze the specific recovery rights for your client’s employer provided insurance by reviewing plan contract language and specific state recovery laws.

Hospital Liens

Our team will analyze state specific recovery statutes to determine if the hospital has a valid lien and if so, the best course of action to reduce the lien.

Outstanding Medical / Provider Bills

Our team will verify final balances with the providers, attempt to reduce the clients outstanding balance and provide final payment instructions to your firm.

Short-Term Disability Liens

Similar to private health plans, our team will verify the Short-Term Disability plan’s recover rights through an extensive review of the plan language to ensure the largest reduction possible.

Unique Liens specific to each Mass Tort

Our team will assist in designing a custom lien resolution strategy for each unique mass tort. This could involve PLRP’s, Global Resolution Programs and Individual Lien Resolution for each claimant.

Trusted by top US law firms

“The team at ZipLiens are incredible at resolving liens efficiently while keeping my case team up to date every step of the way. Time is valuable to trial attorneys and it is relieving to have the ZipLiens team efficiently and successfully resolve complicated liens. Simply put, ZipLiens helps.”

Jonathan B. Hollan

“Zipliens does a great job for our clients! They have helped get our clients significantly more money in their pocket. We recommend them to anyone.”

Justin B. May
Co-Owner and Managing Litigation Partner

“Time and again ZipLiens has helped my personal injury clients get the best possible result. Further, attorney Clayton Merschbrock and everyone else on staff are knowledgeable about what they do and consistently timely in their responses. They really go above and beyond what is expected and help me do my job more efficiently. Highest recommendation.”

Kevin Weis

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