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Backed by years of legal expertise, our ZipLiens team is dedicated to resolving your liens efficiently. Our team thrives on creating custom solutions that optimize your firm's productivity and benefits your clients.


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Our mission is to empower law firms to achieve maximum productivity by transforming the way liens are resolved.

How we started

In 2019, after more than a decade of closely collaborating with personal injury attorneys, our founder, Nathan Parkey, identified an opportunity to innovate within the legal sector and revolutionize how law firms handle lien resolution.

With the goal of building a win-win solution for personal injury firms and their injured clients, and a clear vision to streamline this burdensome process, Nathan introduced ZipLiens as a dedicated platform and service.

Our strategy was to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to automate aspects of the lien resolution process while our team of experts focused on the more complex details of negotiation and resolution. The outcome? A game-changing, time-efficient solution that consistently delivers superior results for law firms and their clients.

"ZipLiens is not just a service – it's a commitment to excellence in lien resolution. By seamlessly blending technology and expert knowledge, we're turning the cumbersome process into a streamlined journey, with successful outcomes for law firms and their clients at the heart of our mission."

Nathan Parkey, Founder of ZipLiens

Our Leadership

Nathan Parkey
Scott Gehring
Wesley Vancil
Chief of Staff
Clayton Merschbrock
VP of Single Event & General Counsel
Joe Anderson
VP Business Development
Michael Russell
VP of Mass Torts & General Counsel
Leah Mackie
VP of Client Success

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