Finding our passion for lien resolution.

After more than a decade of working with personal injury attorneys, founder, Nathan Parkey, opened the door to what would become ZipLiens.

Starting as a full-service settlement planning firm and evolving to focus solely on lien resolution, ZipLiens was created to be a “win, win”– a proven system for helping personal injury firms and their clients. With expert service, new ideas, and leading technology always up our sleeves, ZipLiens is the partner for you.

  • “The team at ZipLiens are incredible at resolving liens efficiently while keeping my case team up to date every step of the way. Time is valuable to trial attorneys and it is relieving to have the ZipLiens team efficiently and successfully resolve complicated liens. Simply put, ZipLiens helps.”

    Jonathan B. Hollan, Attorney Aguiar Injury Lawyers, PLLC
  • “Nathan, Clayton, and everyone on the ZipLiens team are great at taking things off my “to do” list… which makes my job that much easier. Knowing they’re on top of our lien resolution issues is extremely reassuring for both my team and clients. In addition, the process is streamlined with ZipLiens’ wonderful interactive portal. I highly recommend them.”

    Travis L. Holtrey, Attorney Foreman, Watson & Holtrey
  • “As I explain to my clients, we hire experts to talk to a jury to explain their story. Zipliens is the expert we hire to help throughout and on the backend of the case to get as much money in their pocket as possible, which is what we were hired to do. They help with every aspect of the lien process. Zipliens has saved us countless hours, which has allowed us to focus on our client’s story and yielded positive results for our clients.”

    Justin B. May, Attorney/Managing Partner Dixie Law Group, PSC

Your clients deserve more… But it shouldn’t come at a cost to you.

At ZipLiens, our team understands that your firm doesn’t need yet another expense or time-consuming task. It needs valuable assets. It needs innovative, compliant legal partners who are laser-focused on liens.

Hire a team of in-house attorneys and legal experts who will fight to provide your clients with more…

We only charge injured claimants after we secure a reduction, and we run every lien through our ‘win-win’ filter. That means we ask ourselves: did we create added value for the attorney, while putting more money in their client’s pocket? Because that’s not just our job, it’s our passion.”

Nathan Parkey, CEO ZipLiens

More help during a difficult time in their life.

More satisfaction with their settlement.

More peace of mind at the end of the day.

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