Dust Mask Litigation / Lien Resolution

The Dust Mask class action lawsuit claims that dust mask manufacturers knew or should have known that their products did not adequately protect users from harm. This harm is specific to coal miners who used a defective mask and were not protected from black lung-causing dust particles.

Black lung disease, or coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), is a disease that develops from the inhalation of coal dust, according to the American Lung Association (ALA).  Symptoms of black lung disease include: Cough, Shortness of breath, Chest tightness, Increased mucus production, Pulmonary hypertension, and Decreased lung function.

Personal injury attorneys involved in the dust mask litigation understand the complex issues involved in handling and ultimately resolving their client’s cases. While lien resolution may not be at the forefront of most mass tort personal injury offices, it can ultimately cause significant delays in disbursing funds to clients. In some worse circumstances, if the subrogation issues are not resolved, their clients could receive reimbursement requests and possible reimbursement lawsuits for claims that Medicare and/or their health insurance covered.

Resolving Medicare, Medicaid, and other Health insurance liens in mass tort cases can be overwhelming. The exchange of mass amounts of information between CMS, subrogation vendors, and third-party claims administrators can take a substantial amount of time. Specifically in dust mask cases, reviewing the itemizations for treatment specific to Black Lung can be difficult for parties who may not be experts at reviewing CPT codes and/or medical records. It is extremely important to your client that all liens are thoroughly reviewed, and all unrelated treatment is disputed as it is common for Medicare and other subrogation vendors will claim treatment outside the scope of the client’s Black Lung treatment.

ZipLiens Mass Tort team has resolved thousands of Dust Mask Litigation liens. Our attorneys and specialist are experts at reviewing CPT codes and medical records to ensure liens are only claiming treatment related to Black Lung. ZipLiens already know who to contact and working relationships with all major subrogation vendors to ensure the files are handled efficiently and effectively as possible. Our process allows us to take a personalized approach with any law firm we work with to ensure seamless intake and quick resolution of any lien associated with your client’s Dust Mask case. Most importantly our portal allows you to track every step of your process, reviewing every document in real-time, and access to instant communication with a lien resolution attorney or specialist.

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