Mass Tort Lien Resolution

In Mass Tort Lien Resolution the focus is to resolve each lien as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible to ensure there are no hold-ups when it comes to disbursing funds to your clients. Whether you are resolving 100 cases or 10,000 cases it is important to have a partner with experience in resolving large amounts of liens quickly, that’s where ZipLiens can help.

Mass Tort Lien Resolution is not any different than resolving a single event case, it just involves the exchange of mass amounts of information between vendors, third-party claims administrators,  and private insurance companies that can take a substantial amount of time. Several large subrogation vendors have Mass Tort Departments and it can be advantageous to negotiate large-scale agreements with those departments to ensure that the liens are resolved as fast as possible while also putting more money in your client’s pocket.

Mass Tort Medicare care claims can be resolved in a global resolution or on an individual basis. In a global resolution, a calculation is made to determine the appropriate standard care for the treatment of the injury associated with the mass tort as well as the amount of time a client has been receiving Medicare benefits. Once the standard cost of care is determined that amount will be used for the global reimbursement value for all clients in the mass tort. Although this process can save time, the injury and time of care must be taken into careful consideration because it may not be advantageous for every client to enter into a global resolution.

The biggest hurdle in resolving large amounts of liens in mass tort cases is time. The process needs to begin early. It’s important to have all information, authorizations, releases on hand and ready to go to ensure there are no other unexpected hurdles as the lien resolution process begins. There are some vendors and mass tort departments that can take 90-150 just to open a file, by starting the process early you can save your client months of waiting.

With so many clients, documents, and records in mass tort litigation, it can be difficult to stay organized. When a client calls requesting the status of a case it’s important to be able to give them a clear answer quickly. ZipLiens offers a portal with the capability to search for any client to view documents, lien amounts,  and recent activity so you can see the real-time stats of each lien for your client’s case.  The ZipLiens portal can eliminate any organizational headaches for your client’s lien documentation.

At ZipLiens our Mass Tort Department takes a personalized approach with each client. Our intake team has the ability to set up large quantities of files the same day to ensure we are getting the information and documentation needed for resolving your client’s liens as quickly as possible. Our attorneys have working relationships with all major subrogation vendors to speed up the process in obtaining file itemizations. Let our team save you time by taking care of the lien resolution work on you Mass Tort cases.

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